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Time Timers

Time Timers

Time Timer

With the Time Timer, teachers can make full use of their time with children. They are designed to help children understand "how much longer". In a teaching situation, no other tool communicates the concept of elapsed time as well as the Time Timer. Used as an interactive teaching tool, this classroom-tested teaching aid reference reinforces the sense of elapsed time with a graphic depiction of the time remaining.

In the classroom use the Time Timer to:

  • Teach the concept of time.
  • Teach children to use time wisely
  • Track the duration of activities
  • Time standardised tests, monitor math and writing speed tests, measure study periods and lunch periods.
  • Regulate computer time, administer duration drills and show time left to play, get ready or clean up.

At home the Time Timers will help you become more productive, more organised and more relaxed throughout the day. Use the Time Timer to:

  • Help children focus on homework
  • Balance TV/Computer time with playtime
  • Assist with start/end of day routines.

In the workplace and everyday life time management is crucial. Being on time, meeting deadlines and maximising accomplishments are all functions of good time management. Time Timer products help make the passage of time obvious and tangible whether you are in a group or indivdual situiation.. Use the Time Timer to:

  • Time seminars, meetins, panel discussions and presentations. 
  • Quantify time left before appointments and deadlines, monitor break time, manage progress toward goals and agenda items, oversea skills tests, regulate study time, computer time and play time and measure "time out".

The Time Timer provides the ability to judge how much time is left without having to know how to tell time. The products operate with high colour resolution, large dial numbers, and ultra-quiet quartz movement. These additional features make the Time Timer product line perfect for special needs applications such as:

  • Guidance for individuals with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and Dyslexia.
  • Monitoring time during counseling and therapy sessions.
  • Stroke and brain injury rehabilitation.
  • Geriatric care, such as memory prompting for medications and appointments.

Trainers and special education teachers have proven that Time Timer products work in both individual and group situations. With the Time Timer, uers understand the passage of time and can monitor own activities, improving their self esteem. Better time awareness also relieves the stress and anxiety of disorientation.

All our audible Time Timers are packed in a sturdy box. The large and medium Time Timer are designed to operate free standing or wall mounted. The sound can be switched on or off on the side of the Timer. The large Time Timer has a stronger beep for classroom use.


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