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Whisper Phone Select

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Whisper Phone Select

Product Information

Whisper Phone Select- NEW 

WhisperPhone Select is designed to help manage guided reading. This team-based, direct-to-ear product helps students hear themselves very clearly while reading and allows the teacher to monitor reading performance and assist with word decoding one student at a time.

Turn the dial to provide easy and discrete communication between teacher and student.

Select also provides a setting that creates three teams of two students for paired reading. For those paired reading times where you would prefer to have students pair up and find a space in the classroom, the components of Select allow for easy reconfiguration of up to three “portable paired reading tools” to be used anywhere.

WhisperPhone Select contains- 7 expandable tubes, 7 phone handsets, 1 centre selector and instructions.  Components can be configured for Guided Reading, Paired Reading at the reading table, or Paired Reading in up to three locations. 


Why not purchase the Select with our Sound of Learning Book?  Normally priced at £28.95, the book can be purchased with the Whipser Phone Select for only £10.00!  More information regarding the Sounds of Learning book can be viewed by selecting this link.

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